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As in all plants, aphides produce damage to cultivated plants; they cause loss of quality and yield during plants sucking of sap, the formation of galaxies in the plants, curling, winding, drying and color change of plants, slowing or stopping of plant growth, transferring plant viruses are the most important ones. Wheat culture in and around Niğde province has an important place in terms of agricultural activities. For this reason, the identification of harmful aphids in wheat plants is very important for the biological and chemical struggle related to these aphids to be done correctly. Therefore, in our study, we aimed to detect harmful aphids in wheat plants, while the secondary objective of this study is to contribute to Turkey aphid fauna. Aphids collected from the Niğde province center and its villagers during the May-June period of the wheat plant. Leaf bitter host was taken with 0 number brush and taken to glass bottles containing ethyl alcohol. Preparations were prepared by using KCl, chloralhydrate, phenol, alcohol series and canada balsam in order. Diagnosis was made according to Blackman and Eastop (2000). The aphids which are harmful in agriculture wheat plant in Niğde province were determined as Sitobion avenae (Fabricius), Sitobion fragariae (Walker), Rhopalosiphum padi (Linnaeus), Diuraphis noxia (Mordvilko) and Hysteroneura setariae (Thomas).

Wheat Aphid, Aphid, Nigde, Turkey Aphid, Fauna, Aphidoide


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