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Geometric morphometry is a shape-based classification tool. It uses only digital photographs and software. Using geometric morphometry methods in zoology, botany, anatomy areas where morphology is very important can make our work very easy. Namely; sometimes we find it difficult to distinguish species that are very similar to one another. Geometric morphometry works very well in the following situations: 1. In the separation of different species, which are difficult to distinguish. 2. Identification of newly formed subspecies 3. In the distinction of bees race and to get pure bee race (Gençer 1999), (Nazzi 1992). 4. Comparing the anatomical structures. eg in distinguishing between schizophrenic and normal brain (Waleed 2000). 5. Where geographically isolated species and subspecies have been identified, 6. Can be used to classify and distinguish between radiological, histological and electron microscopic images. The advantages of geometric morphometrine are: 1. We can say that it is much cheaper than molecular genetics and biochemical methods, and even there is no cost at all. 2. Quick result is obtained with this method. 3. Numerous samples allow you to work at the same time. 4. Uses "multivariate statistics" from the latest and advanced statistical methods. 5. Provide assessment of fossil specimens which DNA is not isolated. In this study, the geometric morphometry method is described step by step until the finest detail. The method is supported by an example while being explained. Our goal in doing this study is for researchers to learn this method and to spread it.

Geometric morphometry methods, multivariate statistic, biometry software


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