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Immigration is a concept that has existed throughout human history. Immigration movements have become more complicated and multifaceted in time than a broader understanding of geographical location. Immigration from illegal ways, called irregular immigration, has now begun to become one of the most important problems of the countries. Turkey, with its geographic structure, and political instability in neighboring countries, is not exempt from this problem. In this research, we analyzed studies related with illegal immigration and security in Turkey from anthropological perspective. With this analysis, we examined the researches about immigration and security in Turkey with how examined with academic perspective, which main subjects of research are focused on, how it spreads over the years and what kind of findings and suggestions have been suggested for immigration and security. After literature review, we found (92) studies about illegal immigration and security in Turkey which languages are English and Turkish and publication types are thesis and article. When the researches emphasizing immigration and security are examined, we found that studies have increased significantly since 2007. Mostly, researches are related to the field of international relations and studies show a tendency in terms of "immigration and security on the axis of the European Union". When the concepts of immigration and security are evaluated together, it is seen that it is a serious threat to the security policies of the countries. Illegal immigration, along with human trafficking, negatively affects country security. Turkey is obliged to ensure border security and internal security together with the precautions to be taken for internal security at the highest level because of its geographical structure and political instability in the neighbor countries taking in to consideration the human dimension.

Anthropology, Culture, Immigration, Harmony, Illegal immigration, Security, Meta-analysis


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