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Nowadays, the consumer's wishes are taken into consideration in the fashionable preparation of the clothes. People who prefer a dress as well as beautiful dress, color, harmony, line, shape and shape give importance to the whole. That is why the customer's wishes are felt as a decisive criterion in clothing products. This motivated the designers and led them to different quests. Some of these were wearable art applications of geometric shapes. Using geometry in fashion enables the formation of a conscious fashion audience and reveals the existence of different, unique designs, and demonstrates the positive approaches in the results of interdisciplinary interaction. It is possible to see these effects in terms of geometric fashion especially through shapes, patterns, forms and ornaments. Thanks to geometry, based on human and human measurements, the material is brought into three dimensions and is constructed on the body to form structural structures. In this study, 9 designs were made by using geometric shapes and these designs were dressed on a lifeless mannequin. Individual model analyzes of these designs were made and information was given about the model and the materials used. As a result, it has been tried to ensure that geometric forms are combined with design and moved to a different dimension. In fact, it is aimed to draw new and original designs inspired by geometric patterns and blocks which are in our daily life.

Fashion and art, geometric pattern and blocks, geometric figures , clothes design.


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