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The development of tourism is one of the most important issues of the world economy as one of the main trends of the world economy. The article considers the main development of tourism and tourism in Kazakhstan, water, skiing, bicycles, cars, education, medicine and healthcare, the history of tourismdevelopment, religious pilgrimages, protection of natural landscapes and attractions, and considers the prevention of environmental pollution problems and the development of tourism in the country. Sights and natural resources of Kazakhstan from the very beginning attracted the attention of the whole world. Information about the nature of Kazakhstan is mentioned in the manuscripts of Ptolemy in the 2nd century AD. The book of Herodotus "Father of History" 459 describes the nature of Kazakhstan. Information about the land of Kazakhstan is presented in 628 in Chinese manuscripts of Chan-Chun and Xuan-Zang. In the sixth century, Arab travelers wrote information about the Aral Sea and the Caspian Sea, traveling through the West Kazakhstan region. In the Middle Ages, the Italian travelers Marco Polo, Plano Carpini, Rubrok traveled to Central Asia, Kazakhstan, and left a lot of information about the Kazakh land. The result of Kazakhstan's voluntary accession to Russia in 1731 allowed Russian travelers to continue their study about Kazakhstan. In ]the XVIII century, Peter I organized an expedition to study the nature of the Turkestan region. The organization of travel to Kazakhstan and the conduct of research was highly developed in the XVIII-XX centuries. In the XX century, a study of the land of Kazakhstan was conducted in order to identify the sights of the region and revitalize tourist routes.

tourism, landscape, history, recreation


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