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Among the painting art periods, in the interior paintings, the plastic values of the motifs depicted on objects have been discussed in terms of periods and some artists. It is aimed to analyze motif-based analysis of the features and perceptions of the period and artist in each period. It is getting importance to analyze the perception on the motifs in the paintings taking place in the traditional and contemporary period, and in what period they take place and to try to solve the sociological structure in the research. In the study, prehistoric, Renaissance, Fauvism, Realism, and Impressionism periods were sampled. At the same time, examples from Johannes Vermeer, Pierre Bonnard, and Henri Matisse artists were studied and limited as for research, period and artists. The color and formal characteristics of the plain and simple motifs on the objects in the paintings of the sampled artists were investigated and stylistic differences were revealed according to the artists and periods. It has been discovered that the society in which each era and the artist are communicating and the period in which they are involved are under cultural influence. It has been reached that artists and their motifs on the objects in the interior of their paintings are influenced by the period and culture they are in as the result of reflecting their periods and their cultures.

motif, interior, painting, period, artist


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