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The revolutionary views of Karl Marx, the man of action and theory of the 19th century, came to life in Russia for first time and ended there for the first time. The Marxist revolution in Russia is a kind of experiment of the relationship between theory and practice. Undoubtedly, Marx's theory is multidimensional, and therefore must be multidimensional. The revolutionary process in Russia, which is practiced, is also multidimensional. They can also look back on their specific essences, even though both of them are multidimensional. These essence is the deterministic dimension of Marx's theory, but Lenin's revolution in Russia is a voluntarist. Here is the problem: The disconnection of the theory-practical duality is that it is being done outside the theory, far beyond the skill of a master. The voluntarist interpretation has led to the first socialist revolution in Russia against the historical materialist and determinist interpretation of Marx's theory. The same voluntarism has been the result of socialist practice. It is understood from this experience that like theory and practice are the two sides of medallion. This article aims to show to what in the Soviet experience.

October Revolution, Determinism, Voluntarism, Lenin, Soviets.


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