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Turkish embroideries are important parts of our cultural heritage. Cross-stitch embroideries have also existed in the wedding chests from past to the present. Each motif on cross-stitch embroideries reflects the feelings and thoughts of Turkish woman. Human beings, who have needed to dress since they came into existence, began dressing with the aim of decoration for beauty and charm, apart from the aim of protection and dressing. The apparel, which is also an indicator of sociological position and form of communication, has produced the fashion industry whose speed cannot be reached with the development of industry and technology. Fashion being the appearance of rapid and constant change, always brings about innovation and originality. Design, which gives creative, aesthetic and functional spirit to the change and innovation in fashion, can only come into existence feeding from different sources. Traditional Turkish Arts and Turkish Culture always constitute a rich resource for the designer. The purpose of the study is to create different motives using local motives on clothing, to transfer these motives to future generations, to protect and preserve them. Accordingly, cross-stitch embroideries will be photographed Ilgın region, clothing designs will be made being inspired by the motives on the embroideries, and the work will be given final shape by dressing and coloring a silhouette.

Ilgın Region, Cross-stitch, Clothing Design


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