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The culinary culture that human beings have had since their existence has been in constant development and change. The Mediterranean region has an important position due to its geographical location and the diversity of foodstuffs grown on its fertile soil. Because of these features, the Mediterranean region has become a region where trade, wars and migrations are experienced intensively. This situation brings with it the Mediterranean culinary culture is highly affected, but has affected the culinary culture of many different regions of the Mediterranean region from different angles. In this study, the historical development and change of the Mediterranean culinary culture is tried to be examined in a chronological way and it is aimed to examine the changes in the present. In this study, document analysis was used among qualitative data collection methods. The origins of the culinary culture of the Mediterranean region have been tried to be revealed by using the works given in the fields of history, archeology and anthropology, as a result of the investigations, it has been determined that the Mediterranean culinary culture has undergone certain changes over time and it has reached a new culinary culture and order with the effect of these changes.

Mediterranean, Kitchen, Culture, Food


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