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Accessing memory is a way of connecting with the past. This bond can be individual or social. The elements or spaces referring to the events that have taken place lead the individual to the past and make him think about it. Remembering is not only individual in this sense. Space and / or structural elements that appeal to collective memory are based on lived, traditions and culture. Therefore, the presence of spaces or structural elements is one of the basic ways to access memory. The wars, victories and defeats in the history of society are one of the cultural products that make up that society. Currently, the use of these places is realized as a tourist attraction in order to remember, memory or learn those days. This type of tourism is known as dark tourism in the world. Although it is named in the literature with many different names, it can be generalized as a type of tourism which includes events that have deeply affected the societies in the world. Within the scope of this study, a research has been carried out on the monuments in Çanakkale Martyrs' Cemetery, which has an important place in our country and world history. The aim of this study is to investigate the effects and densities of physical existence in monumental spaces and buildings on the example of Çanakkale Martyrs' Cemetery. Qualitative research methods were used as methods. The subject group was selected by random selection method among the tourists who visited the Çanakkale martyrs. The required data were obtained from the participants by the questionnaire method. The fieldwork was carried out immediately after the tourists completed their trips, because it is a work based on personal experience, because there is no desire to experience data loss. In the survey, an inquiry was made on the structures and landscaping of the martyrdom area and the physical elements such as material, color, texture, settlement and emotional impact on the individual. The data obtained from the survey study were examined and interpreted. With the contribution of the findings and interpretations to be obtained from this, the result of this memory space is discussed in the final part of the study on the physical characteristics / conditions of the space, the access to human emotions or the changes in emotions that the individual creates.

Çanakkale, Gallipoli, Space, Sense, Feeling, Sadness Tourism, Memory, Memory Spaces.


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