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Organizational spirituality is the totality of accepted values in work relations; finding the ultimate goal of the individual in his / her work and private life, developing a strong connection with colleagues and others related to the work, and trying to reconcile his / her beliefs with workplace values (Mitroff and Denton, 1999). In addition to a favorable organizational climate, the concept has a meaningful content in the organizational environment, including values that are sacred to subordinate people. Organizational spirituality is a phenomenon that makes the abstract aspects of employees' work lives meaningful (Ashmos and Duchon, 2000). Organizational spirituality is an array of organizational values that empowers employees' sense of belonging (Giacalone and Jurkiewicz, 2003). Organizational spirituality; is considered to be an interconnected experience among individuals involved in a business process (Marques vd., 2007). There is a great deal of research showing that spiritual organizations are stronger, more productive, flexible and creative (Fry, 2003: 703). Organizational spirituality increases organizational power and strengthens leadership and organizational competence (Mitroff and Denton, 1999). This research examined the perception of organizational spirituality in a comparative way among public and private organization employees. The questionnaire was used to collect data in the survey and the questionnaire was applied to those working in public and private sector organizations in Ankara. The research method was determined according to random sampling method and the research was measured by Organizational Spirituality Scale (Milliman et al., 2003) which defines organizational spirituality and three sub-dimensions (meaningful work, feeling of community, alignment with organizational values). Data obtained from the study were analyzed with various statistical techniques and methods. Findings obtained from the research were interpreted comparatively based on the data. Research is important in terms of emphasizing organizational spirituality in terms of operational efficiency and effectiveness. It is also important to emphasize the need for employees to manage perceptions of organizational spirituality. It is hoped that the researcher will contribute to the application of organizational spirituality, and in particular to the theoretical studies in the area.

Workplace, spirituality, organizational spirituality, employee needs, management.


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