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The most important elements that determine the identity and characteristics of a nation are the people, beliefs they have taken from history, culture and geography. When the Central Asian Turkish culture is examined, various beliefs and practices appear around Shamanism and Göktürk belief. In these beliefs, it is noteworthy that myths, spirits and extraordinary creatures as well as food items are related to mythological beings. This study aimed to reveal the rituals and legends realized with food items in Central Asian Turkish societies. Studies on Central Asian Turkish societies are generally considered as a whole. In this study, more information about the food rituals done for spirits and beliefs is given. The evaluation of mythological beings together with food has been considered important in contributing to this issue in the literature. Literature search method was used in qualitative research methods. The sources obtained in the literature are examined and the information obtained is compiled. In the light of the information obtained, it has been seen that the Central Asian Turkish societies organized different rituals in daily life, in death ceremonies, in sacrifices, in baby births and in order to ask abundance from god. In these rituals, it has been reached that food is not only used as a food substance but also used as a protective substance against mythological beings.

Mythology, Shamanism, Rituals, Food


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