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Interpretation, in other words performing a musical composition with one’s own artistic and musical identity is an important issue. A musical composition reflects the musical identity and emotions of its composer. However it is also a reforming of a composition with the performer’s emotional and professional abilities while keeping the orıgınal musical features of a composition. Although one musıcal composition can be rendered differently by different performers according to their emotional and musical understanding and musical background it can also be rendered differently acording to the period of time in which it is performed. The most important characteristics of traditional Turkish Music, which is divided in to two part as instrumental and vocal music is that it is tought by ear, that is practising with a master interpreter rather than by reading musical notes.Various note systems, whose reportoire has been developped since the 17th century, have been pointed out with the usage of western notes. Besides teaching and learning by reading the notes, the importance of teaching and learning songs by ear, that is practising with a master performer is still the main approach in traditional music training. For this reason in teachig Turkish Instrumental music master and student cooperation is still an important factor that affects the rendition of a music performer.This way a music performer can learn the traditional style and characteristics and he can reflect this upon his performing abilities and artistic approach in using grace notes besides using the main notes of a music piece.The time period also plays an important role in interpretation of a musical piece. Also the style and musical characteristics of its time period, information about the composer and his compositions, the performers’ musical and educational background, his musicality, his physical and psychological features are also other factors that affect the interpretation of a musical piece. In this study, traditional Turkish music styles and characteristics, the time period of a music work, its composer, education of a performer, his musicality, his past, his memory, his physicality and his psychology will be handled and the factors that affect the interpretation of a musical performance will be found out.

Traditional Turkish Music, Turkish Instrumental Music, Interpretation


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