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Most countries suffer from ethnic, religious, sectarian and political conflicts in the Middle East. As is known, social polarization has increased in recent years and the principle of tolerance is very little accepted. The sovereign forces, which do not accept diversity, tolerance and democracy, try to maintain the historical disagreements and irritations that trigger violence and dissociation in order to sustain their existence. This is acknowledged by some pro-violent, extremist and nervous segments within the societies. Undoubtedly, to be able to cope with these problems is through constructive politics that are aimed at eliminating the social lines of fault that religious, sectarian and ethnic divisions have caused. Therefore, those who have authority over politics and society should take effective measures to spread understanding of tolerance and acceptance of differences without any other. Based on the above, this study seeks to identify the causes of religious and ethnic conflicts in the Middle East in order to contribute to those who have a say in politics and society, and to suggest possible solutions to them. Since the conflicts were widespread in the Arab world, they were the main factor in the Arabic language of the study. The study was divided into two main headings after a brief introduction. The first chapter addresses the challenges of living together peacefully in the light of the Arab revolts. The second deals with issues that need to be overcome to overcome difficulties and to create societies that accept differences and / or want to live together in peace without alienating others. The main solution was the recommendation and the results that could lead to other researchers in later studies.

Peace, Tolerance, Conflicts, Arab Spring, Middle East


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