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Population aging is a global phenomenon that deeply affects societies in all its aspects. Older consumers who are increasingly important in terms of businesses have different attitudes and behaviors from other consumers at every stage of the purchase process. The ability to meet needs and needs in the most efficient manner requires a comprehensive treatment of the purchase behavior of older consumers. This research is planned and conducted to determine the behavior of the older consumers in the post-purchase process, the last stage of the purchase process. The sample of the study consists of 500 people aged 65 years and over living in Ankara. In the study, post-purchase behaviors of older consumers were examined according to gender, age, education level and monthly income level. The "Difference between Two Means Significance Test (t test)" and "One-Way Analysis of Variance (ANOVA)" methods were used to determine whether the difference between the mean scores of the statements of participation of the older consumers on their post-purchase behaviors was more significant than the independent variables. Within the scope of the survey, it was determined that mean participating scores to the statements of older consumers about post-purchase behaviors stating that, "I take bill/receipt after purchase", "I keep the guarantee document", "I change the product that I think is defective after purchasing", "I return the defective product" were high. In the survey, it was determined that the post-purchase behaviors vary depending on the education status (p˂0.05).

Consumer Behaviors, Purchase Decisions, Post-purchase, Older Consumers, Consumer


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