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Food and drug substances that human beings need should be obtained in halal way. Today, developing industrial production shows that substances added to our agents and raises them against changes and transformations that occur in the material. In this case, it gets highly complicated to understand that which substance is halal or not, what the base material of them is and how they are subject to change and transformation. In order to solve this issue, the terms used for metamorphosis and consumption in fisq book used for mingling clean and unclean substances and their physical and chemical changes need to be examined and interpreted. The substances that are forbidden to drink or eat get eliminated as being haram if they undergo a physical change or change of status of the chemical structure due to the mixture anda re considered as metamorphism. However, each metamorphism and consumption can not be considered as halal. In the light of these information, the study aims to evaluate the issues what metamorphosis and consumption mean and in which conditions they turn haram into halal.

Metamorphosis, Consumption, Chemical Transformation, Physical Transformation, Food, Law


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