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On September 12, 1980, the National Security Council, which seized power on behalf of the Turkish Armed Forces, forbade political activity at all levels. All of the political parties whose activities were suspended were closed with the law on termination of political parties of 16 October 1981. Thus, the country was directed by the National Security Council. This process ended with the adoption of the Constitution of 1982 and the enactment of the political party law adopted in April 1983 and the electoral law adopted in June 1983. With the enactment of these laws, political parties, which are indispensable elements of democratic political life, started to be established. The National Security Council has allowed three of the established political parties to participate in the 1983 general election. During the establishment phase of the parties and during the election campaign, the pressure of the National Security Council on political parties continued. It can be said that this situation is also effective in determining the promises of the parties about foreign policy. Because the political parties explained the foreign policy promises very briefly. These parties were the Motherland Party, the Populist Party and the Nationalist Democracy Party. Parties participating in the general election were the Motherland Party, the Populist Party and the Nationalist Democracy Party. The aim of this study is to investigate the promises made by political parties participating in the 1983 general election on foreign policy. Second purpose; 17. Period of Turkey's Grand National Assembly is to investigate the laws adopted in foreign policy.

Republic of Turkey, Neighboring countries, Middle East, Western countries


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