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The article discusses political discourse and its principles and ways to influence it. At present, the domestic and foreign linguistic schools are aimed to identifying the strategic communication in the political discourse, which is a linguist of the national language, in the national consciousness of the people. It also focuses on identifying the research framework of modern political linguistics. The system of political communications influences public consciousness to achieve certain political goals. Today, the public should be a good strategist besides the speaker. In this regard, the article clarified five types of strategic directions, examples are given. It must enter not only one person but a whole society. Since the middle of the last century, political discourse has had its influence in shaping and enhancing the state's image at the international level in various fields. In the conditions of changing the economic situation, the formation of a positive image of the country certainly affects the improvement of economic partnership and economic situation. In this case, of course, a special role is played by political discourse. Discourse is closely related to theory, divided into political and social positions. And in some studies, discourse is a distinctive feature of a political agent. Based on a study in the future, discourse will have a single meaning, regardless of whether it is spoken or visual. A person who writes political texts expresses his political views on these political opinions. Nowadays the speech and actions of political figures in various fields of political linguistics are studied scientifically. And also aims at identifying a range of studies of modern political linguistics.

Discourse, politics, political discourse


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