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While Almoravid Dynasty (Murabıtun), which was founded in Maghreb with the capital city of Marrakech, is named "Murabıtin" or "Mülessimin" in Islamic sources, Europeans called it "Almoravides". In the first half of the eleventh century, the first steps to found the state were taken when the leader of Senhace Berberi Tribe, Yahya ibn Ibrahim, on his return from Pilgrimage requested a person from the Moroccan scholar Ebu Imran al-Fasi in Kairouan to teach the basic principles of Islam to his tribe. In the Islamic monasteries, which were named “ribat”, students and Mujahideen called "Murabıtun" were trained. Almoravid Dynasty, founded in 1056 under the leadership of Abu Bakr al-Lemtuni, experienced its heyday under the reign of Yusuf bin Tashfin. İbn Tashfin, who accepted Marrakech as the capital city, had the construction of the city completed. Moreover, he had mosques, charities and social institutions built. He extended his dominance via continuing his conquests in North Africa. Ibn Tashfin, who seized Septe in 1084, extended Almoravid Dynasty from the Atlantic Ocean to Tunisia. Ibn Tashfin went to Spain from the Strait of Septe in 1086 to help the Andalusian Muslims. He was victorious against Alfonso VI, the king of León and Castile in Sagrajas (Zallaqah) near Badajoz. Ibn Tashfin had four campaigns to Spain to protect the Muslims of Andalusia from the attacks of Christians. Having appointed seventeen thousand soldiers as well as Andalusians to secure the borders, he went back to the Maghreb. Yusuf b. Tashfin is a significant person in history who had an important place for Almoravid Dynasty and Andalusian political life, as he saved Andalusian Muslims from being destroyed and stopped the spread of Christianity

Almoravids, Yusuf ibn Tashfin, Andalus, Politics


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