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Iranian geography is a Turkish homeland that has rich Turkish folk literature with rich Turkish population. The large Turkish population who lived for thousands of years in the region has established a rooted oral culture tradition. The poet-lover, who constitutes the important branch of our oral cultural tradition, is the unique being of the Turkish culture that transfers from the depths of our civilization. Legends and stories, which are important works of national literature, are reached day by day by the lovers considered as the successors of the poets. Oral cultural products bearing the social gene codes of nations need to be evaluated as an archeology study. In the archeology of the epics, as in the archaeological studies, the cultural history of the nation and the national and spiritual values emerge. The tradition of Ozan-Aşık narrative is a tradition that carries deep cultural traces. In order to investigate the origin of this tradition, we need to be able to examine the history of the love-poet-bakshi-shaman line. Radloff stated in his book Proben that the relationship between the oppression and the shaman. Even today, the poets in various Turkish communities continue their tradition of singing epics. This tradition also has an important place in Azerbaijan region. In weddings that used to be forty nights or forty nights or seven days and seven nights, lovers needed to fill this drama with epic words. The epic did not lose continuity even though he talked about the different subjects in love with the epic. Listening to the epic had its own adjective. The lover who finished the epic early would not have been a good lover, he could even get the reaction of the listeners. It is possible that in this region we can not see the lovers in three important circles of human life. Naming ceremonies during birth are carried out by lovers, who managed the wedding during the marriage period and witnessed the presence of lovers in death ceremonies in some places. After we mentioned the Turks who live in the Iranian borders, we will try to concretize the Azerbaijani Turks and their visual examples that we collected from the region by giving information about the oral literature.

Iranian Geography, Iranian Turks, Oral Tradition


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