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The translation methods of the harfiyyan and maalan are in the foreground between translation methods. The harfiyyan and maalan translation methods had been used in many translated works that written in the period of Ottoman Empire. In this study, the translation method, which followed by the poet Sham'i in the part of muqaddima in Tarcama-i Tawarikh-i Sharaf Khan, has been emphasized. It is known that translating of the literary works is most difficult than the other works. Nevertheless, Sham'i had succeeded about staying as far as possible to connect to main issue while he was translating his work. The translation itself is already a process of creation of a new text. Sometimes a translation may completely convert into a copyrighted work in the hands of a translator. This work which studied here, even though somewhere has literary elements poetry, but it was not lost its historical text nature. So, it should not evaluate this translation as a literary translation. It has been observed that the translator Sham'i stay close to the original text in this work as much as possible. However, the translator did not translate any of poems in the original text. While producing this work, He used the maalan translation method, and approached the spiritual translation method occasionally. Text scanning, comparison and analysis methods were used while producing this work. It is aimed to determine the translation method used in Sham'i's work. The muqaddima part of the work was selected as a sample, along with different samples in the work. Sham'i has attracted to attention as a writer, poet, as well as successful translator.

Sharaf Khan; Ottoman Turkish language; Sham'i; Seventeenth Century; Persian language; Old Turkish literature.


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