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Introduction: Trends in digital games have increased due to reasons such as technological developments, increasing urbanization, fewer playgrounds. Digital games are a growing activity among adolescents. Adolescents and young adults are most interested in digital games that are users of all ages. Nowadays, the time that adolescents spend playing games is steadily increasing. It is known that digital games affect psychological, physical, social and psychological health of adolescents. Objective: In this study, it is aimed to investigate the relation between digital game addiction and psychological and behavioral problems that can be experienced in adolescents. Method: In the study, the articles scanned and accessed in Science Direct, Pubmed, Medline, Ulakbim and Google Academic databases were scanned in a non-systematic way using the keywords "digital game", "computer game", "behavioral", "psychological" and "dependency" . Findings: Low self-efficacy, anxiety, low self-esteem, incoordination and shyness were found in adolescents with digital gaming addiction. Game addiction also emerges as a cause of depression, social phobia and anxiety disorder. Gaming addicts were identified as individuals who thought of social neglect, social and psychological isolation, reluctance to leisure activities, aggressive behavior, psychological stress, drop in school performance, falling in sleep quality and suicidal thoughts and less satisfaction in life. Violent games, especially violent games of adolescents, can lead to psychosocial problems such as aggression, loneliness, depression, tendency towards violence, isolation, lack of attention. Conclusion: Adolescents use digital games as the most common entertainment tool. The intensive use of digital technology contributes to the problem of inadequate protective measures for adolescents and to the progression. It may be possible to assess the behavior of the adolescent at home and at school by co-operation between the guidance teacher-health professional and the parent-health professional. The Ministry of National Education, the Ministry of Health and the Ministries of Family and Social Policy can make arrangements nationwide by making decisions.

Digital Gaming, Adolescence, Psychological, Behavioral, Addiction


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