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Governance In Turkey And Independent Regulatory Organizations

The function of control is an effective means of achieving modern democratic governance based on the principles of accountability, accountability and social refinement. In the study, in Turkey and in the world, the BİO (İndependent Administrative Authorities) and the causes that uncovered them and the areas in which they operate, their effectiveness and requirements in these areas have been discussed. The aim of the study is to examine the progress of the control in terms of history and countries, dealing with the new dimensions of control in the globalization process and recognizing the new roles and responsibilities that the state has undertaken in this process. It examines Independent Regulatory and Supervisory Organizations, emerging as a function and a requirement of these new roles and responsibilities, with examples from around the world as a function of governance and control. In the study has come to the conclusion that occur of the BİO’s are a natural consequence of the transformation of the state’s duties and qualifications, it’s necessary for process the market economy in a healthy and balanced manner and protection of individual and social rights and freedoms, it has found an intensive application area in Turkey and in the world.

Independent Regulatory Organizations and Independent Supervisory Organizations, Supervision, Governance


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