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Tourism is a global phenomenon. Now there is no country that does not accept tourists and does not allow tourists to travel. There are plenty of recreational resource, in accordance with the level of economic theory, as determined by demand, which sets the country's tourism income and expenses. All this is reflected by statistics, that is, specific information about tourism in the structure of its definitions. In the 80s of the XX century, new trends have arisen in the tourist demand of Western European countries. They originated from the point of view of economic and social factors, as well as the change in the psychology of modern people. There has been a deterioration in the economic situation that has had a major impact on the structure of tourism consumers. Stagnation in industrialized countries has increased the number of unemployed. At the same time, the main tourist service users - the middle class of the society also had to look for ways to use their leisure time correctly. In this case, the first trend is the expansion of the range of potential tourist services. The second trend of international tourism is the expansion of tourist demand of older people. Of all these, let's talk more about retirement age because older people often show tourist activity. Most retired people are between the ages of 60-65. Depending on the economic downturn, some industries have suffered a financial crisis, so people who have reached the age of 60 have been forced to retire. They were really strong, constantly moving, they had plenty of free time and were always ready to travel. They have contributed to the development of domestic and international tourism market.

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