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The XII century is regarded to be cultural Renaissance of Azerbaijan. The development of towns, economic rise, the study of ancient philosophy had brought to the interest of the science and realization of the basis of art. The works of N.Ganjavi, Bahmanyar, Khagani Shirvani, Abul Hasan Shirvani, Safiaddin Urmavi, Ajami Nakhchyvani, Gatran Tabrizi,Mahmud Shabustari, Nasraddin Tusi, Imadaddin Nasimi, Mohammad Fizuli enrich the information about mutual cultural contacts.The question is based on the achievements of antiquity, Arabic – Moslem, Persian, Turkic culture on the creative basis.Mutual cultural relations, adoption, cultural exchange and processes of assimilation has played a significant role in the development of the culture of Azerbaijan art to development. According to archaeological investigations there was established that in the culture of the Early Bronze period Caucasian tribes and the Ancient East, the eastern part of Mediterranean Sea and the south-eastern part of Europe were mutually connected.The study of interrelation of Azerbaijan art with regional cultures and systems is an important and actual problem at present.The concrete means of Azerbaijan art is based on the study of interrelations between art and the realization of comparative analysis

Renaissance, interrelations, Turkic peoples


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