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This work focuses on one of the important elements of Arabic grammar. In the study, the meaning of the dictionary and the term were given, and the criterion of the definition of what the linguistis were saying for the situation was made. However, the state was evaluated in different categories in terms of meaning and form, and according to this, the parts of the state were revealed. In this regard, considering the semantic connection between the state and the real owner, it is discussed in two categories as explanatory and reinforcer. In terms of figure, the state (hâl) is divided into fragments which are derived, frozen, infinitive, singular, sentence and semi-sentence. In addition, the connexion in the state of a sentence has been examined. In addition, the possessor of the factual element which is considered in terms of certainty and uncertainty has been evaluated from this point of view. and the harmony with the state owner, the introduction to the state ownerand factor, the deletion of the state and the factor, and the issue of number in the factor.

Arabic Grammar, State, State Owner, Factor.


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