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Mankind has adorned their clothes and bodies of precious materials that have been used since prehistoric times with the desire to be different and to be different. Beads made of fruit cores or various minerals found around the ears of the arm wrist, feet, and neck of the skeletons found in archaeological finds of the first ages; ornaments made by scraping or painting the terracotta works they use; The decoration of the remains of a fabric unearthed in Acemhöyük, dating to the Bronze Age, with faience beads is the first example that can be given to understand that they decorate their clothes. The economic, social, cultural influences in every age have shown differences in dressing techniques. the important developments and time factors in the ready-to-wear sector have left a lot of labor and time-consuming clothing ornamentation techniques to practical methods which give immediate result. Punch embroidery technique is preferred because it is an ornamentation technique which makes modern man as both a hobby and a fast and elegant result. Punch embroidered special needle is attached to the rope stretched on the fabric on the needle is removed by removing the embossed texture is created. Because Desene gives a three-dimensional image effect, it looks more elegant than other simple embroidery. In our work, a vest made using Punch needle technique was produced by briefly mentioning the techniques of clothing ornamentation. Pattern creation, transfer to fabrics, processing steps and finished product pictures have been added to the study. The purpose of working is; the days of disappearing handicrafts have been motivated to encourage and annotate the adornments of the new generations. In addition, it is thought that the study will contribute to the study if there is not much academic work related to this technique.

Punch Technique, Clothing Embellishment, Vest Design.


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