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Dilşan Balkancı is an important representative of Contemporary Turkish painting in the context of seeking identity, carrying art from tradition to modern and reflecting science on art. This article is about the fifth dimension in her painting; The nature of her work. The 5th dimension and other dimensions in the artist's paintings are: tunnel size or time which is formed by the bending and twisting of the space, spheres, balloons, vestibule, fluctuating space-time and parallel with other universes. In describing itself as an idea fragment that passes through time , Higgs refers to its fields and the relativity of the universe with the perception of the observer. It is surprising that the expression and interpretation of this expression in the art language is reflected in the mystical mathematics of God only universe in and the mysterious mathematics of quantum physics approaching Berkeley philosophy, the world of phenomena and changes. It is possible to feel the existence of thousands of universes that are changed and renewed at any time within the framework of the narrow possibilities of the painting. Her paint can only be compared to the science fiction genre in cinema. Understanding the paint of Balkancı requires research on physics. Not only reflects other dimension perceptions in space but also   refers to the dimensions after the fourth dimension  of the universe in the possibilities of asemblage technique on the canvas surface with three-dimensional materials: Two-dimensional and three-dimensional nesting surfaces, creating layers, appending perforated objects on canvas and creating tunnel areas between dimensions. Dilşan Balkancı is the simultaneous witness of herself in the life  and time - space. She laid the space as a checkered chessboard. On the chessboard, the horses became stones. Thanks to the black and white veins, it creates an optical illusion by expressing the expansion, swelling, contraction, bending, twisting, curl, fracture and tunnel dimensions. In this way, it also refers to quantum reality: the illusion of our reality, the myriad facts in countless universes and the reality of the observer. The traditional, scientific and contemporary dimension of the picture of Balkancı is examined in this article with its ontological and morphological structure.

Dilşan Balkancı, Aesthetic of Quantum Contemporary Painting Art, Time, Early Period of Turkish Art,


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