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A modern person should be motivated to succeed, to realize his actions, to be responsible for each of his steps (thought forms) and to predict the expected result. Because they are the conditions for success in a changing world. And the possibility of achieving them is in the process of exteriorization, that is, the embodiment of the internal plan for concrete actions. Purity of thoughts is the naive path to awareness. A person with pure intent can achieve illumination. A conscious person is able to awaken a multitude of other consciousnesses. And behind this lies the desire, the choice. All the blessings of mankind are realized directly through intentions. Group intention has a powerful flow of influence. There are a lot of examples in the traditions and customs of the Kazakh people that testify to this. For example - the distribution of seven ritual cakes, a rite of sacrifice on the occasion of drought, etc. The presence of a single information field of the universe helps to increase the potential of intent and accelerates its implementation. An example of this can be the Friday prayers in Islam, the rite of the Hajj in Mecca, the channeling of the Kryon, correspondence health-improving sessions of Dr. S. Konovalov, etc. The fulfillment of the desire largely depends on the degree of the person's faith. Therefore, in addition to the potential and time, it is necessary and unshakable faith in the fulfillment of the desire. You need to be able to correctly guess the desire. To do this, first of all, you need to refine the query. It must be accessible, specific and measurable. Secondly, you need to determine the time and time of execution. Third, one should adhere to ethics and tact. Your wishes should not harm anyone, and do not contradict the laws of the universe. Otherwise, they can adversely affect the situation. The desire should be aimed at good, growth, prosperity, development. Do not use the adverb "only", since it has a restrictive character. Fourth, avoid the use of a "not" particle. Forming a desire, it is necessary to build a sentence so that it does not contain a negative particle. As a result of mastering the correct algorithm of guessing the desire, responsibility, conscious control of one's action is increased; self-regulation and a positive influence on a close environment. With the process of enlightening each individual consciousness, public consciousness is being perfected. Thus, as modern psychological tools for the modernization of the consciousness of the person, intentions, desires, responsibility, faith, awareness are made. Each of them is closely related to each other, and are perfect personality traits leading to success, prosperity and harmony.

: consciousness, spirit, intention, desire,


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