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This research was conducted to determine the spiritual status of women who referred to community health clinic. Research was carried out in a community health clinic located in the rural area of city of gaziantep. A total of 193 women, 15 years of age or over, who referred to the community health clinic and family planning polyclinic due to various health problems between the dates of march thru june 2016 were interviewed. In the first part of the data collection form a data form directed toward sociodemographic characteristics of the mothers and in the second part a general health survey (ghs) was used. The relationship between the spiritual status of women and socioeconomic variables was investigated. The frequency of medium-high ghs is 60.6 %. It was determined that variables such as women’s level of education, their social security, family type, age of spouse, duration of marriage, total number of pregnancies, status of miscarriage and abortion, alcohol/cigarette usage, whether there is a person around to share their spiritual distress, whether there is a first-degree relative who experienced spiritual distress and a spiritual disease during pregnancy did not affect the spiritual health whereas the age of women, their economic status, spouse’s occupation and spouse’s level of education did affect their spiritual health. The variables that were affective on gsh scores were age, economic status, spouse’s occupation and level of education. This result is also found statistically significant (p<0.05). Socioeconomic variables are the factors that can be changed with appropriate precautions. Whole health personnel, especially in first-step health organizations, should assess spiritual health of women very well.

Women, General Health Questionnare, Nursing


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