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Industry 4.0 increases demand by reorganizing production logistics and logistics organizations. Industry 4.0 the industrial revolution improves the productivity by using technology in the most efficient way. It makes a big difference compared to the previous industrial revolutions. Many activities such as removal of human errors, autonomous software, robots, unmanned vehicles, sustainability, 24/7 active systems, digitalization, reduction of costs in logistics activities, increase of speed and provision of environment suitable for the customer are combined and the activities in transportation become super Powers. The "fourth industrial revolution" that emerged in the United States and other developed countries, with Germany leading in Europe, is on the agenda of the whole world. Industry 4.0 consists of new business model through changing the processes in the Logistics Industry. As a result, it increases the power of the firms in the global market. This study investigates the change of the Industrial 4.0 revolution in the Logistics Industry.

Industry 4.0, Logistics 4.0, Logistics 4.0 benefits


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