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While the Fourth Industrial Revolution is preparing to be a part of our lives, the concepts such as intelligent systems, knowledge-based services, cyber-physical systems, and Internet of Things continue to create change in every aspect of people’s lives through Industry 4.0. This change is also effective in industry. The consumers prefer special products to be produced for themselves. The products produced according to the specific needs of the consumers have begun to make them happy. With the Fourth Industrial Revolution, i.e. Industry 4.0, this kind of production can be realized such that consumers' needs can be met. With Industry 4.0, the parts and machines communicate with each other through the Internet and the functions such as efficient use of resources in production, energy savings, stock reduction, speed, flexibility come to the forefront. Intelligent factories equipped with thousands of sensors and communication systems with industry 4.0; through virtual reality, simulation, and virtual prototypes, we can make decisions about the product without introducing the product to the market. Smart Fabrics Industry 4.0 will emerge new business models for the future of the production systems.

Industry 4.0, Smart production, Smart factory


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